Five Reasons To Add A Wool Rug To Your Home Décor

A wool rug is resilient, and its texture allows it to recover quickly from flattening that results from footsteps. Additionally, wool’s natural resilience keeps the wool rugs looking fresh and new for a very long period.

Keep reading to understand why you should choose a wool rug for your home’s décor.

1. Highly Resistant To Flattening And Crushing

Wool rugs are great in high traffic areas of your home as they are exceptionally resistant to flattening and crushing. Nearly all the inexpensive rugs such as polyester or olefin are synthetic. These rug types will flatten down in a short period of time. Fuzzy polyester rugs with a latex backing are the most popular rugs for bathrooms. However, they don’t last that long which is why they are referred to as a crime against nature.

However, you will enjoy a rug that looks nice and holds its shape for a very long time when you spend a little bit extra to buy a wool rug.

2. Wool Rugs Are More Resistant To Stains And Soiling

When it comes to stains, wool is the king of natural fibers. In fact, the natural oils in the fleece of wool rug itself repel staining naturally. Although we must not conclude that wool rugs are stain-proof as no fiber is 100% stain-proof. However, wool rugs are more resistant to stains, unlike other natural fibers. It is because of the natural oils like cholesterin, lanolin, and keratin.

On the other hand, some people are found to be allergic to wool. As a result, wool rugs would not be the ideal product for you if you found this to be true of you.

3. Flame Resistant

Wool fiber rugs are flame resistant offering natural flame retardant with no addition of chemicals. As a result of this benefit, a wool rug is an exceptional choice for any room in your home and particularly for the kid’s room.

4. Different Choices 

You can get wool rugs in various designs, patterns, and styles. The colors are fade-resistant due to the dyeing process used. You should experience just a little fading if you don’t expose your wool rug to direct sunlight on a regular basis.

Wool rugs also have the capability of providing a durable, functional product that shows exceptional attractiveness. There are different styles and patterns in wool rugs and today’s previous world craftsmanship is being mingled with latest world technologies to bring outstanding outcomes. Without a doubt, a wool rug will offer you years of durability and enjoyment without giving signs of wear. Nevertheless, wool rugs are a bit costlier than synthetic due to their very long lives. A wool rug can be a better alternative to other rug types as you will get back the additional cost in the extra years of wear. 

5. Waterproof

A wool rug is equally water-resistant due to its protective barrier that stops water from penetrating the wool fiber easily. The wool is capable of absorbing almost 1/3 of its weight in moisture and will not feel damp, making it more than being waterproof. It is this natural quality of wool that causes it to remain warm and recuperate quickly from pressure points.

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